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Go for Freedom with SWR – Retirement Part 3

Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR)   This is quick, dirty, and is a starting point – or in my mind a target!   Take your annual expenses and multiply by 25. This is the cash you need for Freedom! AKA (Retirement). So – let’s say your annual expenses are $60,000.  ...

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Freedom? Retirement? How much Money do you Need? Part 2

Part Two – Let's get to The Money Part   So – how much money do you need to attain “freedom” aka “retire”? If you have dreamed your dream (Part 1), you know your target. But do you know your numbers clearly?   Not an easy answer because there are so many variables....

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How Much Money do I need to Retire? Part 1

How much money do I need to retire? Can I quit my job NOW? But – I’m not old enough?  Or am I?   Those are probably a couple of the two most “stressed about” questions people have in their fifties. You may lose sleep over this. You may stay in a job you are...

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What do you REALLY WANT?

To find out what you REALLY want, you need to spend some Dream Time. I believe in dreaming. I’m a dreamer. What’s wrong with a little dreaming anyway? But what really are your dreams? What do you really want? That’s tricky, and I know that when I really dug into this...

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What to do with your Tax Refund?

TAX REFUND TIME! Yipppeeee! Yabadabba Doozy! Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! I might be dating myself here, but have the Flintstones really gone out of style? I couldn't find an image! Anyway, one of my daughters just got a $1786.00 tax refund back from the “oh so...

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Get Your Free Credit Score

What the heck is a credit score? And what is a credit report? Why should I care about my credit score? How can I find out what my credit score is? Well - get ready for some more Penny Push-ups! Your credit score is a numerical “measure” of how likely it is that you...

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