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Giving Back

Are you wondering what the Twelfth Step is?   Are you feeling a little more financially fit? Have you started taking action yet with the penny push-ups? Are you interested, but just not getting going? Financial Fitness is so much like Physical Fitness - you have...

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Step 3: Money on the Table?

  What if I told you that you could make your paycheck number bigger, just by SAVING more money? Yep - you can. Let’s get moving for Step 3:  Finding your real Income By now, you have: got "real" with your biggest financial worry AND started tracking your...

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Your Handy Tax Receipts List

TAX RECEIPTS LIST   A little organization throughout the tax season will make tax season a BREEZE next year.   Print out the checklist on the next page. Tape it onto the front of a large envelope. Inside, place smaller envelopes for some of the categories below...

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Tulips and Taxes

Need to do your taxes?   Here’s what you need to know! Deadline: April 30th Information you need to collect: Employed?   Most of the tax receipts you will need used to get mailed out, but now you may have to get them from your employer’s website. Just ask for...

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